Field Sightings

I have been doing field-based ecological research for over 15 years.  However, my time with Juniata students in the PA wilds always exposes us to something new and different.  I thought I’d take a chance to post a few pictures of some of the interesting things we have encountered along the way.  These are things seen while on the roads and in the woods, and often add a bit of joy to the long field days.  You may have to click on some of the pics to get a large enough view to see the important detail.  Hope you enjoy – Chris Grant


Traffic- a large bull elk blocking our path to one of our stream sites


Chainsaw Helicopter- a helicopter with a large hanging boom with multiple rotating circular saw blades. Used to trim trees along power lines with rough terrain- google it!


Giant tortoise- found in The Wilds but originating from South America


Aliens- apparently Canada Geese are our leaders


Fawn- newly born fawn bedded down under the bank in a stream


Moral dilemmas- the devils highway or narrow way?


The Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow- returning home to Juniata College at the end of a long field day.